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News! 曽原三友紀監督の最新作「折鶴」2017年夏より発売中。

(文部科学省選定DVD教材認定 日本語字幕版 全国の学校及び図書館向け)

"Finally! A Geisha documentary that truly penetrates the art and meaning of this traditional world. Director Miyuki Sohara has gained the trust of Kyoto's various geisha communities enabling her to show what matters most to these women and the artists who support them. Hannari - self assured, bright and gorgeous - the perfect description of the modern geisha."

- Liza Dalby, Anthropologist and author of the book, Geisha (1983)

"A rare, thorough, and extremely informative look at a unique facet of Japanese culture. It opens the doors to a mysterious world that very few will ever get to experience firsthand."

-- Todd David Schwartz, CBS Radio

"A Documentary film with so much texture that one could feel the warmth and smell the air in the Geisha districts of Kyoto. Hannari gave me a strong yearning for a world we know so little."

-- Mie Asoh, ROADSHOW Magazine Columnist


曽原三友紀監督は花街の人々の信頼を得ることにより、 花街文化を支える人たちの心意気を映像に納めることができた。


(人類学者 ライザ・ダルビー)



(米国CBSラジオパーソナリティー トッド・シュワルツ)



(ROADSHOW LA在住コラムニスト 麻生美重)

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